What Makes Majik Microdoses Different?

Updated: Sep 8

Mushrooms have a magic to them, beyond their “mind altering” effects.

Many microdosing companies focus on the mental and neurological power of the mushrooms. Of course there is no doubt that these effects are present, we believe the true healing power of psilocybin resides within the spirit of the mushrooms, and its capacity to remind us of our interconnectedness to all of creation. With this awareness, we craft all of our capsules with an intention that the spirit of the mushrooms will guide your process.

The Spirit of Psilocybin

Mushrooms are a sacred medicine to ancient cultures around the world, and many call them “The Children”, or “Los Niños / Las Niñas”. It is this jovial, joyful and childlike nature that makes mushrooms so appealing to many. They can be mischievous, playful and unpredictable.

To forget the spirit, is to forget the essence of this medicine. This Spirit comes to teach us to remain connected to our center... That space between thought and feeling… Conscious and unconscious… Creativity and logic… Stillness and action… Soul and body...

They support us to find a strong sense of ourselves, rooted and planted in this earth, while maintaining an awareness of our cosmic and mysterious origins… In the remembrance of what it means to be a spiritual being having a human experience, these magical mushrooms help us in our human and our spiritual journey…

The brain has two hemispheres, one being the creative artistic side (right), while the other being the rational logical side (left)... Many people are dominant to one side… But when the two can work in harmony and balance, genius is born…

From our experience, the mushrooms help to unlock this inner genius through building bridges between the hemispheres… Through connecting the dots between masculine and feminine, logical and creative, they can unleash our highest potential…

Phycocyanin (Spirulina Extract)

Phycocyanin is a naturally BLUE Spirulina extract… A compound shown to encourage stem cell growth… Helping your body remember the vitality of a child!

Phycocyanin also crosses the blood brain barrier, offering neuroprotective effects, while driving the medicinal goodness of this microdose deep into the cells of your nervous system…

We love adding this algae to our mix, not only for it’s playful blue pigment, but also because algae is considered by some to be the “fungus” of the waters. Like mushrooms, it is one of the most ancient organisms on Earth. Together, the ancient wisdom of the forest with the wisdom of the water makes for a life-altering blend.

In combination with the “Children’s Spirit”... You may experience an awakening and remembrance of your innocent and pure state of being…


This adaptogenic medicinal mushroom is known as the “elixir of immortality”... It calms the nervous system, boosts immune function, and strengthens the heart…

Reishi is like the old grandfather spirit of the forest… It brings wisdom and clarity to the blend… Ensuring the inner child maintains open hearted discipline and focus…

This magical mushroom will support you in maintaining your center in the dizziness of this world…

Lion’s Mane

Another adaptogenic medicinal mushroom, lion’s mane is known to regenerate and protect nervous tissue… This humble mushroom will support focus, memory, and clarity…

This powerful ally helps us remember our original design: Joyful vitality. Just like when you were a child.


Cacao is the ultimate heart food! It is rich in magnesium, known to benefit the entire cardiovascular system…

More importantly, this ancient medicine has been used for thousands of years as a ceremonial sacrament… Known to awaken the heart, and bring joy and happiness to those who consume it…

We added cacao so our magical mushroom friends find their way to your heart’s neurons… And to support you in the longest journey… From your head to your heart...

Monoatomic Gold

Monatomic Gold Is a Powerful Electrical Conductor to Help with Physical and Mental Energy, composed of single gold atoms. Monoatomic gold potentiates and enhances the effects of the other ingredients.

Some Of The Reported Benefits Of Microdosing Includes...

  • Neuroprotective and neurodegenerative qualities

  • Rewires your brain and nervous system

  • Antidepressant and anti-anxiety - Keeps you strong, calm, grounded, and joyful

  • Increases creativity and imagination

  • Broadens perceptions of reality

  • Presence

  • Encourages the “Flow State”

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