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What Are The Spiritual Benefits Of Microdosing?

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

The spiritual benefits of microdosing are profound, and also subtle. There is more to it than simply taking a capsule, or a small amount of whole mushroom. In order to receive the full spiritual benefits of microdosing, it takes some leg work. In this article we’re going to dive into what those benefits are, and how you can make sure you’re receiving them during your microdosing adventures.

The Ancient Spiritual Power of Mushrooms & Psychedelic

Psilocybin mushrooms have been used for thousands of years, spanning cultures across the globe. Some would argue that psilocybin, as well as other entheogens like ayahuasca, san pedro, and peyote, are an interwoven part of human growth and evolution.

Traditional cultures revered these plants and fungal friends as spiritual “masters” and guides. And so in that way, they were treated with the utmost respect. This respect and reverence was expressed through ceremonies, songs, and dances.

Although these entheogenic plants and mushrooms contain physical “psychedelic” properties, the emphasis amongst traditional peoples has always been on the spirit of the plant. Through connection with the spirit, we are able to deepen our spiritual connection with the earth, ourselves, each other, and the divine.

Of course, a full “macro” dose of a psychedelic offers a very distinct doorway to the divine, but what about microdosing? In the Western Culture, there is often a belief that more is intrinsically better. However, that is not always true, especially in the case of microdosing.

When it comes to connecting with the spirit of psilocybin, you do not need a macrodose. You simply need the capacity to trust, sit and listen to the subtleties of the mushrooms. In fact, you do not even need to consume any of the physical material to connect with the spirit. Spirit transcends time and space.

The Spiritual Benefits of Microdosing Mushrooms…

Everyone’s experience of this will be different, because spirituality is unique to each individual. There are rarely (if ever) absolute truths. That being said, we will share some of the spiritual benefits of microdosing mushrooms that many people commonly experience.

Mycelium and the Web Of Life…

When you look to nature, all of your questions can be answered. Commonly when people think of a mushroom they think of the fruiting body. The fruiting body is the iconic mushroom cap. However the true wonders of the fungal world lay in their root system. The roots of the mushrooms are called mycelium, and the vast majority of the living “mushrooms” are contained in this underground mycelial web.

If you compare mushrooms to a plant or tree, the mushroom fruiting body is like the flower or piece of fruit, and the mycelium is like the rest of the plant. Mushroom fruiting bodies often only live for several days, whereas the mycelium live for many years, sometimes even hundreds of years!

This underground network is literally like a web. And it connects the forest, similar to how our nervous system connects all of the organs and systems of the body. It’s no small wonder then, that mushrooms have the capacity to support the health, vitality and renewal of our nervous tissue and cells.

This mycelium web is metaphorical to the profound spiritual effects of the mushroom spirit. Just like the mycelium grows in the unseen parts of the soil, so too do mushrooms support us in the unseen worlds of our being. They can open a doorway or window into the darkness of our unconscious. A macrodose is like turning on a flood light, and a microdose is like lighting a candle.

By lighting this candle, we can gently and diligently observe the corners of our unconscious that we were unaware of. We are able to see beliefs, thoughts, patterns, habits, and traumas that were previously hidden, in a gentle, kind and loving way.

The Spirit of the Mushrooms Reminds Us Of Our Interconnectedness…

If you’ve ever watched the lion king, then you know all about the circle of life…

If you spend any significant amount of time observing nature, it becomes clear that all of life is interdependent. All of life is coexisting together. When we see this circle, then the forest is not simply a diversity of trees.

“The forest” is all that lives together in that ecosystem. The same is true for the oceans, the rivers, the deserts and the mountains. If we zoom out even farther, we can see that all of these ecosystems make a grander ecosystem, which is the entire Earth.

Looking from this lens, we come to understand there is no separation between the mountains, the forest, the desert, and the waters. They all make up the beautiful place we call home: The Earth. We are part of this ecosystem, whether for better or for worse.

At this time on the planet, many people could agree that the planet is worse off because of human activity. And yet we do have a place here. We have a role, and we have a purpose. My personal perspective is that our place is to be like a gardener. We are here to tend and to take care of the planet. You may or may not agree with this.

However if we fulfilled this role and purpose, the Earth would be in balance and harmony, and thus so would humanity. Life could thrive. We can only live this way, if we remember our place in creation. This is a fundamental shift in consciousness. Our distant (and sometimes not so distant) ancestors understood this, and they were able to live in harmony for thousands of years. Now we have a choice to make: Either we choose to live in this way once again, or we face destruction and possible extinction.

When we sit and listen to the mushroom spirit, it can help us to remember our connection to all life. The spirit of the mushroom, reminds us that we are not separate from the circle of life, but that we are a fundamental and foundational part of it. Even if you live in New York city, in a high rise apartment, you are still part of the web of life.

The conditioned belief that we are separate from nature has allowed us to destroy our Earth. If you knew on a deep and fundamental level that the Earth was in fact part of yourself, could you destroy it? I don’t think you could. Your conscience would very quickly get the better of you.

If you give the spirit of the mushroom space to speak and share with you, it can help you see this connection. Consume a microdose, and ask it to show you this. Spend an afternoon in nature, and see how you feel, see what thoughts arise. You will be amazed at the wonder and magic that is right outside your door, in every blade of grass.

Mushrooms Enhance Our Awareness and Offer Fresh Perspectives…

When you consume mushrooms, something magical happens. Your awareness of yourself and the world around you increases. Your senses become enhanced. Colors, sounds, and sensations become stronger and more vivid. In this way, it is easier to recognize the beauty of the world.

With the proper self-inquiry, and when you work with the spirit of the mushroom as a guide, this awareness becomes a valuable tool. You can use it to see the patterns in your life that no longer serve you. You can begin to recognize and track the root of what’s causing disharmony in your life. Through this awareness, then you have the power to make a conscious choice. You can choose to live life differently.

Until you are aware, the power to choose is greatly diminished, or potentially non-existent. Without awareness, it is easy to get stuck on autopilot - being in the passenger seat, rather than the driver’s seat. Once you become aware of a negative pattern, a thought, or an emotion, you can begin to choose a new more positive experience. Of course when you are stuck, it is not always so simple as just “choosing” differently. However, this choice may very well involve reaching out to someone who can help you create change in your life, such as a teacher or a healer.

Becoming aware of your suffering is an amazing gift, because it can create the motivation and drive necessary to liberate yourself from ignorance and suffering. The spirit of the mushrooms can assist you in this process. They are like a mirror, helping you to see life from a different perspective.

Shining Light Into The Unconscious…

As we said above, mushrooms help us to see more clearly our unconscious mind and our egos. It is like turning on a light in a dark room. Microdosing is like a dim light, macrodosing can be like a flood light. For that reason, we value microdosing for their gentle and daily capacity to help us know ourselves in a clearer way, without overwhelming us. Then we are able to see why we are experiencing anxiety, depression, or whatever else is causing difficulty and suffering.

Suffering and ignorance are intrinsically connected. When you are ignorant to the source of your suffering, then how can you ever change it? Perhaps you are aware you are suffering, but you don’t know why. There is always an answer, it is just often hidden from view. Once you see clearly why you are suffering, then you can actually find liberation. Of course, it does take work and time. Otherwise you would see far more liberated beings on the planet.

The spirit of the mushrooms supports us in journeying into these dark places of our being. They can help us identify the fears, the blocks and the traumas that have been suppressed and hidden. Then the real change can begin.

Bringing light to those dark places is an amazing experience, because it makes your spirit stronger and brighter. We are beings of light, and the only way to fully embody this is to bring the light to the dark. Some people call this shadow work. Mushrooms are masters in this process. Invite them to support you to see these forgotten parts of yourself, and prepare to be amazed.

How To Cultivate These Spiritual Benefits…

Of course, all of this sounds great as you read it, but perhaps you’re wondering how this is possible? If microdosing mushrooms truly offered all of these benefits, then why aren’t people talking more about it?

Well, spirituality has a science to it. In order for the mushrooms to help you, you need to do your part. Nature is not codependent, it is interdependent. The mother lion will feed its cubs for a period of time, but eventually those cubs need to learn to hunt for themselves. This can be a difficult process at first, but eventually they become that mother lion. Sovereign and able to stand on their 4 legs, taking care of those to follow. Those cubs have to put in the effort and overcome the difficulty, in order to survive.

The mushrooms operate in a similar way. At first they will feed and nourish you, but they want you to be able to “hunt” for yourself. They want to teach you how to live life in a way where you no longer need to turn to microdosing or macrodosing in order to live in balance. This is how a true teacher works. You need to meet them “halfway”. In other words, what you put in is what you get out.

How To Get The Most Benefit From Your Microdoses

So what can you do to get the most benefit from microdosing?

Set A Clear Intention

Intention is like a compass. It will guide you through your microdosing journal, ensuring that you reach your goal. We suggest you really contemplate what you wish to receive from your microdoses. Ideally this is a positive intention. Let us explain…

Let’s say that you wish to heal your anxiety or depression. Instead of your intention being “I wish to be free of depression”, think of the opposite. If you had no depression, what would your life look like? So, instead you may say “My intention is to live life with joy and happiness”. Come back to this intention everyday. Have it be like a mantra. This is your “general intention” that will guide you like that compass.

As each day passes, you may notice different things come up for you. For example, let’s say you realize that you have a belief in your unconscious that you do not deserve to be happy or joyful, because of a childhood experience or trauma. For a period of time you may switch to a daily intention to focus on letting go of this belief, and replacing it with a new more beneficial belief. That being said, you should still keep your general intention at the forefront of your mind.

You may notice things come up that you do not feel competent or capable of working through on your own. In this case, consider reaching out to someone that can support you in your healing journey. You do not have to do it alone.

Communicate With The Mushroom Spirit

Respecting the spirit of the mushroom is key. You are communing with a living being - so do just that… Communicate!

Each time you take your microdose capsule, talk to the spirit of the mushroom. Especially when you first start working with the medicine, introduce yourself. Just like you would with a new friend. Speaking out loud is a powerful way to do this, however you can speak silently from your heart if you prefer.

Here is a suggested template for communicating with the mushroom spirit:

“Hi, my name is ________, and I would like to ask you and thank you for your help. I’m coming to you because ________ (I am suffering from anxiety, depression, etc..), and I would like to heal. Will you help me understand how to _________ (Speak your intention… To find joy, to find balance, to be more grounded, to let go) in my life.”

So it would be something like this….

“Hi my name is Dave, and I would like to ask you , and to thank you, for your help. I’m coming to you because I am depressed, and I would like to heal. Will you help me to understand how I can find joy and happiness in my life?”

Ideally you do this each time you take your microdose.

Keep A Journal

Journaling is incredib