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How To Make Your Own Mushroom Microdose Capsules

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Starting your microdosing journey is simple, fun and exciting… With just a click of a button, you can have a package of microdoses shipped to your front door!

However this may not be an option for some people…

For example, perhaps…

  • You live outside of Canada…

  • You’re concerned about the legality of ordering mushrooms online…

  • You’re on a budget…

  • Or maybe you just want to play around with your own home made custom blend…

Regardless, we’re here to tell you it is simple and easy to start making your own microdose capsules at home!

Here’s Where To Start…

To begin, you will need a few items:

  • Empty “00” Capsules

  • A capsule filling machine

  • A “mg” scale

  • Your botanical ingredients

  • A clear intention

Empty “00” Capsules

If you’ve ever purchased an encapsulated supplement, then you know what these are. “00” capsules are transparent and empty capsules that you can fill with any powdered ingredients. You can buy either gelatin or vegetarian capsules.

We suggest the “00” sized capsules, as most inexpensive capsule filling machines fit this size, and it also allows you to fit up to 0.4g (400mg) of powdered ingredients. 0.4g’s is enough to make a botanical blend with your psilocybin, so you can get the most out of your microdosing experience (more on this below)…

*Please note… If you are going to use just psilocybin, and not any other ingredients, it is best to use a smaller capsule that only fits 200mgs.

A Capsule Filling Machine

These are simple to use, and are relatively inexpensive. There are various websites online that sell capsule filling machines for less than $100.

Most capsule filling machines will produce either 30, 50 or 100 capsules at a time. We suggest the 100 capsule machines, as it is less time and effort to produce your capsules.

Be sure that your machine fits the size of capsules you decide to buy. Remember, we recommend “00” size capsules and capsule machines.

A fun bonus with buying your own capsule filling machine, is that you can make your own encapsulated supplements at home. Most encapsulated herbal supplements are significantly more expensive than if you were to buy your own bulk powder, and encapsulate it yourself!

A Quality MG (Milligram) Scale

You will want to buy a reliable scale to weigh out your microdose ingredients. You can find these online for around $20-$30.

Remember to look for a “mg” scale, so you can be precise when you weigh out your ingredients. This is especially important when weighing out psilocybin…

Search for a “jeweler’s scale” as these are easy to use and will be precise to the “mg”.

A Coffee Grinder

You will need to grind your mushrooms into a fine powder in order to encapsulate them. Any regular coffee grinder will do the trick. You can also use a smaller “magic bullet” style blender.

Choose Your Botanical Ingredients…

This is the fun part! You get to make your own custom microdose blend…

People commonly combine non-psychoactive ingredients like Reishi and Lion’s Mane with psilocybin. This enhances the therapeutic benefits of microdosing psilocybin. The ingredients you include in your blend will depend on your desired effect…

If you’re not sure where to start, we suggest using a blend of reishi and lion’s mane. These medicinal mushrooms have profound benefits on your nervous system, helping to keep you relaxed and to create new and healthier neural pathways.

An Important Reminder on Herbs…

Please be sure to buy quality herbs to add into your blend… Look for 10:1 extracts for your herbs. This means that for every 1g of powdered extract of reishi, lion’s mane, etc. it is equivalent to 10g of raw powdered herbs.

Furthermore, the difference between “extracts” and “raw” herbs is significant. Herbs need to be cooked in water, or extracted through alcohol (tincture) to become active. Therefore, putting raw powdered herbs in your formulas will not yield medicinal effects.

On the other hand, herbal powdered “extracts” have already been made into a tea or tincture (or if “dual extracted” they have gone through both water and alcohol extraction). These teas / tinctures are then put through a machine and turned into an active powder, which is already medicinally active. This is what you want to put into your capsules.

For these reasons, we offer high quality 10:1 dual extracts of lion’s mane and reishi, both in capsule and powder form. These are the same powders that we put in our formulas.

Choosing Your Microdose Strength…

So now that you have all your ingredients, it’s time to blend them together! But First you will need to decide on the strength of your microdose capsules…

For your first round of capsules, we suggest creating 50mg capsules. This way you can easily increase your dose by 50mg until you reach your desired effects.

On your first day start with one 50mg capsule… If this is not strong enough, take two 50mg capsules the following day… Continue increasing by 50mg until you reach your desired strength. Once you have your desired effect, this will be the strength you will make for all future capsules.

An important note is that your “00” capsules will hold about 400mg of total ingredients. By “50mg”, we mean 50mg of whole psilocybin mushrooms. Then you will add 350mg of other non-psychedelic ingredients.

Creating Your Blend…

So now that you have all your ingredients you will need to mix them together. First, calculate the total amount of ingredients you will need.

So, let's say your “00” capsule machine produces 100 capsules, and each capsule holds 400 mg of powder. If your microdose strength is 50mg, then you will have room for 350 mg of non-psychoactive ingredients.

So your blend may look like this (per capsule)…

  • 50mg Psilocybin

  • 175mg Lion’s Mane

  • 175mg Reishi

Then take this per capsule weight and multiply it by the number of capsules your machine can fill. In this example, we are using a 100 capsule machine…

  • 50mg Psilocybin x 100 = 5000mg / 5g

  • 175mg Lion’s Mane x 100 = 17,500mg / 17.5g

  • 175mg Reishi x 100 = 17,500mg / 17.5g

Total = 40,000mg / 40g of powder

Mix thoroughly in a bowl. Sift your mixture if any of the powders are clumping together.

Now your powder is ready to go!

Remember To Keep This In Mind…

The powders you use may have a different consistency and volume. Therefore, you may need to adjust your recipe accordingly.

For example, our dual extract lion’s mane and reishi powders are significantly denser than psilocybin. This means you can fit more of these extracts by weight into a capsule than you could with just psilocybin. (Psilocybin is light and fluffy, so takes up more room in a capsule than most herbs).

If you are using these powders in a 50mg blend, you may be able to fit closer to 500mg of total powder. Whereas, if you are using these powders in a 200mg blend, you may not be able to fit a full 400mg into each capsule.

Just start playing around with your recipe, and remember to take notes for future reference!

A Clear Intention…

Last but certainly not least when you’re making your own mushroom microdose capsules… Is to have a clear intention…

  • What do you want to receive from this medicine? Focus? Memory? Joy? Serenity?

Be sure to align your heart and mind with this intention before you begin mixing your powders, and creating your medicine!